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meme  before and after  The Inferno power of  Jean by optimusbladeX

Overall you did a beautiful job on this piece! Just a few minor things here and there to do, but they are just small polish bits, your ...

Random from Art Trade, Collabs, and Commissions

Some beautiful artwork and stories created by talented deviants!



List o' Priorities

1.) Requested Digital Art from :iconyuhime: . Good grief I am sorry this is becoming eternal Barbie!
2.) Art Trade with :iconyuhime: for her Dragon Age OC Evarist! He is SO SEXY I CAN'T WAIT!
3.) Helping :iconcelticwolfwalker: on her Dark City series as an editor and co-conspirator. It is super fun to play in an AU! :D
4.) Requested art slot on hold for the amazingly awesome :iconsaltygambler: who wants someone to draw one of her Skyrim Breton Band of Brothers (at least that is what I call them). I am happy to take up the challenge!
5.) Art for :iconfyrefly12: one scene from Forgive and Forget as a gift. One Paying the Price scene just because. And one art card of Kaidan. :)
6.) Can't believe I forgot to add this sooner, but working on a personal project piece for :iconmisstroutylips:
7.) Art trade with :iconjancola: of her Warden Nancora Surana and Alistair. Mage powah!



We Are The Grey Wardens Stamp by SillySnowFox ACE Stamp by yuhime Dragon Age Stamp: Alistair by Karithina
Alistair is no sissy crusade by yuhime Evarist Barandt Stamp by yuhime Cullen stamp by deepdive
Hawke Stamp by SpannedSoul KotOR-Flyboys-Club Stamp by PrincessJaden Bioware love stamp by Nemonus
Mass Effect Stamp: N7 by Cokomon Mass Effect 3 Stamp -TEST- by TetsMcgee Paramour Stamp - Kaidan by IndigoWolfe
Skyrim by skinnyveestamp TESV Vilkas Stamp by saltygambler Korra Stamp by chrisdog203
Gamer Stamp by Isriana Captain Swan: Shipper's Stamp by MokiHunter OUAT Snow White + Prince James Stamp by TwilightProwler
Firefly Stamp by ravekitten Stamp: I Aim to Misbehave by Meriko-chan Sailor Moon animated stamp 010 by hanakt
Princess Bride Stamp by guagna The Princess Bride stamp by aftersunsets Rebel Scum Stamp by Ulario
Sbarge Fan Stamp 2 by Tatooine92


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 10, 2014, 12:00 PM

Hello there to all my watchers new and old! :heart:  It seems as though I have been standing still here, when actually my life is been going full throttle.  I hope everyone is doing well and isn't quite so busy!  I wanted to have a journal to update everyone on what is going on and to also do a feature for anyone commenting who is interested.

I am currently working on two conventions that are both set to go on next year.  One is happening in Gatlinburg Tennessee at the end of January, I suspect it will be about 1000 due to the focus of it.  After announcing it last week online with the Facebook group it is for, the interest and ticket sales have been keeping me busy-but that is fantastic since it means it is already a success.  I have a second con, much larger (our hopes are for 2500 attendees) that I am rolling out in my hometown (close proximity is an AWESOME thing!) which is larger in scope dealing with all nerdom and geek stuffs you see at other cons.  I am already getting some wonderfully talented folks on board so it is truly exciting!  It will be taking place July 2015 so things are going to keep growing more hectic, but I do enjoy event planning so I am very excited about the talent being considered and the panelists coming on board!  I don't plan on spamming you guys with things regarding the con, but I will update to let you know when our website is finished so you can keep up with who will be participating and see if you are interested in attending or sign up as a volunteer if you are in the area and are interested in that sort of thing.

As to the features here we go!

1 - For each of the first 15 people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and 3 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list.
2 - If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place.

1.  :iconlubyelfears: This talented artist is the whole reason why I bought Copic markers and went through pain to get better with them.  Her marker pieces just make me continue to strive to do better and more with my own art.  She is such a wonderful inspiration and an awesome person to know.  I am completely fortunate to call her a friend and to have her support here on deviant! :heart:
The Thirteenth Commander by lubyelfears Tiny Templar by lubyelfears The Sharpshooter - Ben Finn by lubyelfears  Ahhh, I have to cut off at three but I could completely keep going and post her whole gallery here!

2.  :iconreellifejaneway2:  This gal is a Jack of all trades!  From jewelry making, clothes designing and art, she pretty much does it all!  A fellow Doctor Who aficionado, Kaidan Alenko appreciator, and fellow Cullenite, she is pretty much into all the same fictional men I enjoy as well! :D
Dragon Age Inquisition: Masquerade by ReelLifeJaneway2 Auburn Rogue: 'Rose' and 'Violet' by ReelLifeJaneway2 Serrah Kathea Hawke by ReelLifeJaneway2 She is also available for commissions!   ReelLifeJaneway2's Commission Journal
Hello everyone! Guess what? I'm offering up art commissions here on deviantArt and over on Tumblr! If you would like to support me (ReelLifeJaneway2) and my business, Auburn Rogue, please join the fun! Trades and requests are closed for the time being, but there are currently 10 commission slots available, and I would love to hear from you!
Commission me!
Get involved by noting me here on dA, or by emailing me at!
1. [__]
2. [__]
3. [__]
4. [__]
5. [__]
6. [__]
7. [__]
8. [__]
9. [__]
10. [__]
For a limited time, to celebrate the launch of my Auburn Rogue ETSY store and my <a href="" target="_blank">

3.  :iconyuhime:  It is honestly thanks to her that I persevered with art.  I had nearly given up and thrown in the towel, but then miracle of miracles, this lovely lady agreed to do an art trade with me.  I am forever grateful to her for that because it really helped me push harder and not quit so easily.  Her guidance and friendship have been two of the reasons why I have excelled as quickly as I have with art and I will never be able to repay her for that!
Killian Jones by yuhime Wounded by yuhime There can be no peace! by yuhime and if for some reason you aren't familiar with her gorgeous hand drawn comics, allow me to direct you here: Last journey by yuhime

4.  :iconfyrequeen89:  I went to her gallery a week ago to pick out some examples and I got lost in catching up with her recent works since I have lately been on and off with an eye to journals more than individual deviations.  I was so happily engrossed in the writings that I finally came up for air and will share some lovely gems from her gallery!  Go and enjoy these works and lose yourself in her gallery folders with abandon!
Following Orders                                                   
"Damn it, Nathaniel! Did I or did I not tell you to stay back?" Irene crossed her arms and nearly glared at the man, succeeding quite well at hiding the fact her anger was born mostly of sheer terror over how close she'd come to losing him.
"You did," he replied evenly.
"And do you always have so much trouble obeying direct orders?"
"Only when doing so could result in the death of my commander."
"It doesn't do me any good if you get yourself killed!" she hollered. "You know I'm no good with a bow, you're twice as good at lockpicking as Sigrun, and none of the rest of us have even a prayer of detecting traps!"
"I'll take that into consideration the next time I contemplate saving
  DrinksThe tavern was quiet tonight. Trinne wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not, but it was unusual. On an average night, the Hero's Den was fairly full, bursting with life and the raucous noise that was inevitable with squeezing in so many people. This tavern was a favorite among those who had saved Ferelden; from the Aeducans to the Tabrises with everyone in between--a few other Amells, too, but Trinne was used to that by now. It wasn't all that out of the ordinary to be jostled by a fiery-haired Surana or earn a scowl for accidentally elbowing a Mahariel. And she was trying to forget the time she nearly tripped over a Brosca when the unfortunate woman knelt to pick up spilled coin. Of course, with the tavern being so popular among the heroes, it quickly became equally popular--if not moreso--with their myriad followers, friends, hangers-on, and admirers as well. That, she had to admit, she was less used to. It was still disconcerting to have people asking for her autogr  Aftermath ch 11. One Night
         "Wait, this is crazy!"
       "Sanest thing I've ever done."

       I try to place the voices as they ricochet around my skull, try to figure out why hearing them echo like this feels like having Zevran's dagger rammed through my heart over and over again. I can't. They sound familiar, but I don't know why, so I give up and relax in the liquid darkness surrounding me.
    "Will she be alright?"
     "She should be," Wynne assured the red-haired bard. Leliana visibly relaxed. She had been forced to spend the last day pacing a nearby room as she waited to find out if the Grey Warden would survive, frantic prayers spilling out to the Maker. "You know, dear, I could use some help, if you're able."
     The rogue's eyes brightened. "Of course. What can I do?"

5.  :iconchenria:  This lovely lady is such a sweetheart and it was actually on tumblr that I first chatted with her and requested an ATC trade.  I had followed her for a while here so I was thrilled when she agreed!  Her digital and traditional pieces are gorgeous and I have the distinct pleasure of owning some of her pieces.  I adore her work and it was sincerely hard picking only a few from her gallery since she is one of the artists on here that I draw inspiration from for my on art!

CM - The Inquisitors by Chenria ACEO - Nathaniel and Fenris by Chenria The Goldfish and the Pike by Chenria

6.  :iconsorianumera:  This lovely lady has a gallery that is fun to peruse since she uses a variety of painting style.  This was hard to pick three, but please go by and check it out since she has a lot of lovely works in there!

Warsong by Sorianumera Sato Andross by Sorianumera Die Norden by Sorianumera

skin made by :iconyuhime:


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